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Your Style Uniform

First things first, what the heck IS a style uniform? That is what I asked myself when I heard Deena talk about this over and over and over. Especially when I would be shopping in the store or commenting on social media about something I loved. Her very consistent response was “of course, that’s a part of your style uniform.” It’s amazing what shifts can happen we you start paying attention to your patterns and behaviours (this goes for all things in life, BTW).

Okay, so style uniform. A style uniform is a consistent and distinct clothing style or ensemble that you CHOOSE to wear on a regular basis (I am looking at you Nurses, SCRUBS DO NOT COUNT). It is going to be unique to each individual and will be influenced by many different factors. My favourite thing about a style uniform is it has allowed me to simplify my wardrobe decisions. I can put an outfit together that I feel good in easier than ever before. This is so significant, because if you were here for last weeks newsletter, I shared how I have struggles with my own body. So this is an aside that once again, IT IS NEVER ABOUT OUR BODIES, it is about our beliefs (and what has been thrown at us).

Now, I know we do not all have a Deena in our brain that helps us along, BUT you can definitely do some of the reflecting now. Personally, I have found it easiest when I have merged my personal and my work uniforms. If you have not caught on, I love versatility. While I do have outfits I wear more for work than play (hello power suits!) I have worn the pieces separately for a night out by switching out that base layer. However, maybe you work in healthcare and you only wear scrubs— I would then really dial in on the personal style uniform as that is where you can express yourself!

My love of lists is showcased below with some steps of how you can build/begin with that personal style uniform. Ready, set, GLOW:

  1. Reflect on Your Personality and Lifestyle: Be honest with yourself here. You may be someone who wants to wear heels, but wanting and doing are two different things! Dress yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW. Do you lean towards a more casual, edgy, elegant, or sporty style? Also, think about your daily routine and the practicality of different clothing options for your lifestyle.

  2. Create a Style Inspiration Board: Full disclosure, this is not for me as it overwhelms me to no end. HOWEVER, my mom loves this life hack and searches outfits on Pinterest all the time based on what she has in mind. A big perk of doing this is it will give you a visual of recurring pieces and themes (ie. likely MANY blazers for me). Another perk, it forces you to search what you have versus being influenced to buy something you do not need.  

  3. Experiment with Different Looks: Don't be afraid to try out different styles, even those you may not have considered before. I know I am biased but come into the store and PLAY. Let us know you want to find your style uniform and you want to play around with some different looks. Booking a shopping party for this purpose and inviting your own personal hype squad is the perfect way to do this. Experimenting allows you to step out of your comfort zone and discover new styles that might surprise you. Remember that little dare to bare summer challenge going on? This is a great opportunity.

  4. Identify Your Signature Pieces: As you play around, pay attention to the clothing items or accessories that make you feel confident, comfortable, and truly reflect your personality. What ones do you gravitate to the most? Or maybe already have many of in your closet? These can become your signature pieces that form the core of your style uniform. It could be a specific type of jacket, a particular colour, or a favourite accessory. For me? Blazer + Blouse + Jeans or Jogger style pants.

  5. Consider Fit and Comfort: Along with “how it looks”, prioritize the fit and comfort of the clothing you choose. A style uniform should make you feel good, all days of the month (for all you menstruators!) . Finding the right balance between style and comfort is key and is the legit reason why I actually leave the house in something other than Lulus (no shade for those who do, I love my comfort clothes!)

  6. Mix and Match: Once you've identified your signature pieces, experiment with different combinations to create versatile outfits. Play with layering, textures, and accessories to add depth and interest to your look. Remember, a style uniform doesn't have to be rigid; it can evolve and adapt to different occasions. I find as you do this, it becomes easier to pack for a trip in that capsule wardrobe. Feeling overwhelmed, just pretend that you have to pack 5 days into a carry on— what does that “look like”? I can guarantee a pattern will emerge.

  7. Own Your Style: Confidence is the key ingredient in pulling off any style. Embrace your style uniform with and wear it with confidence. Remember, the best part of this entire uniform is the person underneath it.

Moral of this long story? Have fun, be playful, and let your creativity shine. Enjoy the process of discovering what truly represents you and makes you feel amazing in your own skin!



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