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Would you Wear this?

The outfit of the week on our Instagram is bold and a statement, playing with leopards as the base neutral.

Combo to recreate: BOLD BLUE + BOLD PINK + LEOPARD

First of all, I love the pairing of fuchsia with royal blue as the statement in this combo with the neutral leopard print to boldly state that you refuse to be invisible. I want to recreate this outfit, so let's do some online shopping. Here's what I found from my current big online stores. Note, I have had my eyes out for leopard pants but have not found any at any of my local faves and I refuse to buy them from Amazon. So Simons and Anthro are winning right now.

My findings from Simons and Anthropologie:

  1. Short Sleeve Pullover, Simons, $30 HERE.

  2. Touch of Wool Pullover, Simons, $182 HERE.

  3. Leopard Pants, Simons, Simons, $99 HERE.

  4. Bow Knit Sweater, Simons, $69.95 HERE.

  5. Gola Elan Sneakers, Anthropologie, $110 HERE.

  6. Leopard Carpenter Pants, Anthropologie, $155 HERE.

  7. V-Neck Pullover, Anthropologie, $69.96 HERE.

My goal this summer is to add pieces that add interest to my outfits. READ : I HAVE TOO MANY TSHIRTS/JEAN combos. So anything in a fun pattern or print is a win for me. Recently I picked up three of these tops from Kaffe and there are 2 available and ready for shipping/delivery from CLTHD!

I paired mine with linen pants and a blazer because I was feeling dressy- but this would not have been my first pick. I think a charcoal jean would have been my go-to but for some reason the light pant is what I went with.

I think it would be a fun top to pair with denim (subbing in as the royal blue in our first photo) and my pink Adidas Gazelles. Stay tuned for an outfit recreation and come back next week for our next outfit challenge. Send me some pictures if you recreated this colour combo too!

Your Fashion Fairy Godmother,



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