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Welcome to Stumbletown

Last week was International Women’s Day and I am wanting to keep the momentum going, celebrating ourselfies in all the ways we show up in this world and the cool sh*t that we do. I just don’t think we talk about it enough; you know? I mean, I know that we share a lot on the ‘gram and share the big wins, events, and moments there, but I want to acknowledge that we are bigger than those things and to acknowledge that so many women are doing incredible things, behind the scenes or not publicly. And I want to hold space for that too. You matter. And just because it didn’t happen on the ‘Gram, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I know for me it can be so hard to stay in my own lane when there is so much happening around me. What I do know are the moments that I take the time to pause and sit in my integrity, get clear own my why, I gain clarity on where I need to be, what I need to be doing, and who I need to surround myself with. This is going to be different for everyone and I also want you to give yourself the grace to figure this out and STUMBLE along the way. You are absolutely going to stumble. Life is all about failing forward; trying on different outfits (and opportunities) to see what fits best, you know? I think we really have got lost along the way thinking we need to know it all and we need to know it all right now. I mean, GOOGLE does give us all the answers we need to life’s most random questions. But we cannot google the information we wished had known ahead of time.

So, with that, I welcome you to Stumbletown. A place we can all come together and know we are meant to learn along the way. Where we find out who is rallying behind us and who is rallying against us. It is where we sit in the lessons of woulda, coulda, shoulda and where we learn what are often the hardest AND most important lessons. We spend so much time avoiding Stumbletown that we miss all the signs along the way telling us where to turn off. We miss the signs that said slow down or speed bumps ahead. We ignore the check engine light and decide it will be fine to just fill up with gas in the morning (PSA: Do not do this to future you, always get gas the night before, you will never have enough time). All these things lead us to Stumbletown, the land of lessons but also, the land of new opportunities.

Wherever this message this finds you today, I hope you know that we see you. If you find yourself sitting on the side of the roading wondering “how did I miss the turn off”, I’ve been there too. And, if you found yourself wandering around Stumbletown, I have been there more than I would like to admit. Just know you are not alone, I (and the collective we) am always rooting for you and yes, everything really is figureoutable- it just isn’t always easy.



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