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The Weight We Carry

I see you. And no, I promise, this is not some rambling blog on the food we eat or don’t eat. Quite frankly, that is the LAST thing we need on our plates, pun intended. I am not sure about you but some days it feels like so much. The balancing act of Career. Life.Marriage. Motherhood. The Self. Activities. And on and on and on. Who else is drowning in a list of overdue Doctor’s appointments while slurping back yet another bowl of cereal for supper? The struggle is so real and I simply just want to name that. At the end of the day, we are all in this together but for so many reasons, we are going at it all alone.

We carry the weight of so many decisions but more than that, we carry the weight of the worry of making the wrong decision or what others will think of that decision. The weight of failure and judgement. The weight of being wrong or not enough. The weight of error or incompetence.

1.    Skip the f*cking dishes. Seriously. Order in if you can. Yes, I totally understand this is food privilege at its finest. Budget tight? Open the box of KD and find simple. Simple is good.

2.    Plan a night out. Ladies, whether you are introverted or extroverted, we need each other. We need to force ourselves out of homes and when possible, out of our sweat pants and get out on the town (but still be in bed by 9pm). A night off from responsibility filled with connection and laughter does the soul well.

3.    Ask for help. How? Repeat after me, I need help. We suck at this and our fear of asking is just that, fear. It is the fear that we will appear weak, or that can’t do it all. Well this jus tin, we cannot do it all nor should we. Stop posting about your overwhelm in hopes of a lifeline and get bold, ask for help. I do not know how I would do life without my village.

All of these leads me to the key component, the village. Our village. Each other. We cannot do this alone and while self-care is so very important, it is not going to be the lifeline. We need community care. We need to care for each other through check ins and intentional gatherings. We need to combat isolation and loneliness with more compassion and less judgement. The load is lighter when carried together.

This week, I hope you can find ways to carry less. You are carrying so much.

Deep breath and drop those shoulders,




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