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The Power of the Pivot

Okay, so the first (and only) test of this newsletter- when you read the title did you or did you not think of one of the greatest episodes of Friends of all time? No? Just me? I doubt it. You are my people and fewer things bring me more joy than Ross yelling Pivot at Rachel and Chandler. I digress. This newsletter is not about moving a couch!

Instead, I was recently reflecting on how the term "pivot" dominated our conversations as the pandemic hit. We collectively leaned into our resiliency and resourcefulness, shifting in every direction to keep our lives afloat. Well, I want to go deeper. Beyond the reactive pivot forced upon us, there's an extraordinary power when we consciously choose change, growth, and opportunity. Today, let's honour the flipside of the pivot—the one where we, by choice, lean hard into ourselves and pivot towards what's truly best for us.

The Power of Choosing Change

First and foremost, I need to acknowledge Deena, who recently shared her own pivot into retirement and family on social media. If you haven't caught wind of it, take a moment to check out her Instagram post on Belong. Deena's choice to pivot is a powerful reminder that the ability to shift our paths isn't limited to external circumstances; it's an internal compass guiding us towards fulfillment. I am thrilled for her and so grateful for the gift that she gave us all with this community. Thank you is simply the beginning for all we have gained and will continue to embody. That’s the beautiful thing about legacy and impact; it is lasting.

Reflecting on Your Journey:  The Pivots and Plot Twists of Your Life

Now, let's turn the spotlight inward. It is easy to watch in awe of others while neglecting our own big moments. Reflect on the pivots and plot twists in your life where you felt empowered to choose change. Whether it was a career move, a shift in relationships, or a personal growth journey, celebrate those moments where you boldly chose change BEFORE the choice became a necessity. So often we fixate on when we responded or reacted rather than celebrate the big, brave, bold moves we made because it was best for us. You have noticed that pattern, right? That we tend to downplay the big things we do and ruminate on the things that are out of our control. Let’s reframe that and reflect on the pivots by choice- the ones rooted in courage, instinct, and when we listen to the whispers. Let’s talk about those leaps.

Silencing Fear and External Judgment: Envision Your Fearless Pivot

While there are times when life gives us limited choices (or no choices), there are many moments when we hold the reins. Too often, fear and the opinions of others become roadblocks to our chosen pivots. What if we silenced those doubts and external voices? How would that reshape your journey? Seriously, I want you to stop and think about that. If you didn’t think about the external noise, what decision would you make?

Close your eyes and envision a life where fear doesn't dictate your choices. What's the pivot or plot twist you yearn for? What dreams and aspirations have you tucked away? It's time to dust them off and let them breathe. Imagine taking a step toward that vision today. What's your baby step?

Shifting from Wall-Hitting to Purposeful Planting

Consider this: What if instead of pivoting because we hit a wall, we pivoted because we were planting our feet, ready to explode towards what we truly desire? Let's redefine the pivot. It's not a reaction to obstacles but a purposeful shift toward our goals. Here are some steps to guide your purposeful pivot:

  1. Clarify Your Desires: Identify what truly lights you up. What do you want more of in your life?

  2. Acknowledge Fear: Recognize that fear is a natural part of growth. Don't let it paralyze you; let it be a companion on your journey.

  3. Surround Yourself with Support: Share your aspirations with those who uplift and support you. Create a network of encouragement.

  4. Take a Small Step: Every monumental pivot begins with a small step. What's one thing you can do today to move closer to your desired change?

Getting Curious - Exploring the Roadblocks

Now, let's get curious about what stops us from embracing change. Explore the roadblocks. Is it self-doubt, societal expectations, or the fear of the unknown? Acknowledge these barriers and, with curiosity as your guide, navigate a way around them.

So with that, I am challenging you to reflect on a time(s) you consciously chose your path and dare to embrace the courage to pivot towards the life you truly desire. Silencing fear and external opinions, envisioning our fearless pivot, and purposefully planting our feet—stepping toward what you really want rather than running away from what no longer serves you.

Here on this plot twist pivot with you!



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