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The Journey Home

The journey back home to my body has been a very long road full of twists and turns, potholes and ditches. There have been a few rollovers along the way. I don't believe this kind of road trip ever really ends. Belonging in your body is more of a way of being - it's a practice, not an accomplishment. I'm still on the road, I'm just a better driver and I've found a few pit stops along the way.

For some of us, we've known our whole lives that our body is "wrong" - that we don't look the way we're supposed to, and that we are less valuable because of it. I can remember a very specific day - I was 10 - and a parent pointed out to me that I was starting to "get fat" and that they would be taking me out for a run at a local track. It wasn't the words they said necessarily, but the tone of disgust and disappointment behind them that made me feel like I had no value and no worth. (Insert classic 'shame as a motivator ' here). My light dimmed that day and it stayed pretty dim for another 20 years or so.

Going to therapy, surrounding myself with people who saw my worth and value even when I couldn't, and educating myself on the current climate of unattainable and impossible beauty standards has been instrumental in shifting my mindset. Another huge catalyst for me to look at my body differently was having my two daughters. Not only the physical labor of growing and birthing children, but the calling to guide them through the same (if not worse) world of unethical beauty (and life) standards for women.

As a clinical social worker, I've worked with so many folks who struggle with body image, self acceptance, and self worth. My therapy practice focuses on the inner child - our early self's experience of the world. There is so much empowerment to be found in getting curious about how we came to believe the things we do about ourselves and how we can shift to a place of love, compassion, acceptance, and belonging.

I cannot wait to dive into this absolute masterpiece of a book. Together, we will explore the obvious and overt ways that we are manipulated and shamed. We will also explore the covert and sneaky tricks that encourage us to turn away from ourselves. I will be with you every step of the way to ask some big questions, challenge some of your beliefs, and share some personal stories "from the road."



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