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The Darkside of December: a Playlist

It is the the most wonderful(ish) time of the year and I wanted to share something that I share every year via social media. So yes, you may have seen a version of this before but also, I think we can all use the reminders. Here is my playlist, feel free to add all or share some of your own:

  1. Deck the Halls… With boundaries and expectations. This is a hard time of year. You do not have to do it all and you don’t need to spend it all. Set a budget and stick to it. I understand the pressure of family as well as the want to “do it all”. What is realistic for you and your family? Remember that clear is kind and the sooner you lead into difficult conversations, the better. What am I referencing? What are your holiday travel plans? How long are you staying? What are the expectations? Map this out.

  2. Carol of the Bells… InstaGLAM can go to hell... okay kidding, if that is your thing, do it! If you are tired, because you are simply surviving and the arts and crafting the holiday spirit isn’t your jam, that is okay too. This year, more than any year, you do you. A less overwhelmed version of yourself is the best version of yourself

  3. What Child is This… Remember, your babes, your house, your rules. It is so hard to not get caught up in keeping up, I get it. But it is okay to do your own thing, create your own traditions, and make your own memories. Elf on the Shelf or no Elf on the Shelf. Something I ask the world to consider, make the Santa gifts the small gifts. Why? Children Don’t understand why some Santas are wealthier than others. Thats a tough one to explain. But we can explain that every home is different.

  4. All I Want for Christmas… Is you! Make Presence the present. Give the gift of time and experiences. We all have so much stuff, but can you have too many memories? Never apologize for the handmade, we all know how special it is for sometime to gift their time and creativity.

  5. Silent Nights… Are different for everyone. While some people crave the slow down, others are spending their season alone and isolated. Let’s check in on each other. Call. Text. Visit. Zoom. Just find moments to give your time to those you love the most in whatever way you can. We all need to feel seen and acknowledged.

  6. Joy to the World… Choose love. Give love. Be love. If you can give only one thing this season, give kindess. The world needs more of it. Whether your act of kindness is planned or random, it makes a difference.

  7. Auld Lang Syne... As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, consider setting intentions rather than resolutions. What do you want to invite into your life in the coming year? Focus inward. Embrace change with open arms, knowing that every new beginning comes from the end of something else.

As we wrap up this playlist, let's cozy up with the realization that we're all in this festive chaos together. Life's a bit like a tangled string of Christmas lights - messy, but undeniably beautiful with a few burnt out strings. So, whether your holiday plans involve a competition worthy gingerbread house or just surviving the sugar rush, know that your version is perfectly imperfect and uniquely yours.

As we head into the hustle, hold onto the real gems of the season: the belly laughs, the slightly burnt cookies, and the people who make your heart feel like it's had a warm hug. There’s a new year on the horizon, filled with possibilities, and maybe a few more unplanned dance parties in the living room. So, from my chaos to yours, may your days be Merry, your heart be light, and your festive playlist be on repeat. Until next week, hang in there, I see you!



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