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More but Different

I am tired, are you? I know that the opening sentence might feel a bit on the negative side, but hear me out. Lately, I have felt like I have been living life on the spin cycle; chaotic, on the move, busy, and just overwhelmed. I have found myself questioning more about how I spend my time and who I am giving my time to. I find myself wanting more, but different, and certainly not the status quo. I share this because maybe you feel it too?

For myself, I feel I am experiencing a season of consumption burn out. I am as guilty as anyone doom scrolling on my phone at night and losing track of time on the social media refresh circuit. However, that isn’t new behaviour. What is new however is I feel like I am seeing less of the human/ individual qualities and more ads, sales, and so many campaigns. Stay with me as I respect that livelihood that this had created for many (including myself), this is not what I am throwing shade at. Instead, I am expressing what I find myself craving. My favourite aspects of humanity have always been the shared stories and lessons, the imperfections and laughs, and the times when we show up unsure but all in. I hope my rambles are making sense to some of you as I know how hard it can feel when you feel different than the mainstream. When it feels like you are swimming against the current or wonder if you missed your exit. In hopes of summarizing how I am feeling and what I am needing, I made a list :)

  1. Challenge the Status Quo. This is HARD when you are feeling fatigued. However, this doesn’t have to be a grand act of social justice (but it can be), but rather, get curious within yourself. What is not longer working for you and may I suggest asking yourself what instead you are needing or searching for?

  2. Get Clarity. We are confused and it can be so hard to do the work to find clarity when we are also tired. So, begin with those basic needs. Get some rest. Get some movement. Get some nourishment. And then, start getting some clarity. Ask yourself the questions rather than polling others for opinions. Clarity is a long journey when searching for the wrong things. So stop going external for all of your answers. Best place to begin? Unplug yourself. Re-start yourself like you do any other piece of electronics.

  3. Re-start Yourself. The best part about adulting is that we get to make our own rules. In many ways, we get to re-start ourselves whenever we want and this is so exciting. For some this is as simple as going to bed early to start a new day, for others this is changing up jobs and careers, and for me, it was trading in the social worker cardigan for the blazer (I joke, but I am serious). What I mean though, is we can counter our current culture by taking an active role in our lives, our time, and what we need. But before we can do any of that, we all need a little more rest.

So with that, I am wishing you rest, clarity, and the same restart energy every single electronic device who just has had “enough”.

p.s you can anticipate a few layout changes to the newsletter in the coming weeks. I was hoping for this newsletter but alas, your girl is TIRED.



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