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Main Character Energy

Friends, it is time for YOU. What do I mean by that? It's time to tap into that unapologetic, fierce, and oh-so-awesome main character energy. We're talking about strutting through life with the kind of confidence that makes heads turn and hearts skip a beat. So, grab your imaginary cape and let's dive into ways you can rock that main character magic into your everyday life (and in a way that is fashion fairy godmother approved!)

1. Style Uniforms for the Standing Ovation

Dressing the part is simply about dressing as yourself. We have talked about this a lot, but main character energy is your style uniform. It is how you show off yourself to the world. Every piece you choose is a costume change for the remarkable woman you are.

2. Radiate Positivity like a Protagonist

Your words have the power to shape your reality. Embrace the language of a main character by swapping self-doubt for uplifting affirmations. Instead of "Can I do this?" declare, "I've got this”. A simple reframe holds so much power. Your words, your story, your power.

3. Bold Declarations: Own Your Story

Speak your truth like the bold and fearless protagonist you are. Don't be shy about sharing your dreams, passions, and opinions. Whether you're in a casual conversation or leading a meeting, let your voice ring out with confidence. Your story is worth telling, and your ideas deserve to be heard. So, embrace your inner storyteller and watch the world lean in to listen.

4. Curate Your Own Story Arc

While there is always a place for safety and comfort, dare to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. From salsa dancing to solo road trips, treat every new experience as a plot twist that adds depth to your narrative. The thrill of the unknown is your playground, and you're the main character scripting her own epic journey. Even if this epic journey is a solo trip to the coffee shop (much like you will read below in Joy’s piece).

5. Confidence is Your Superpower – Own it

Confidence isn't just a trait; it's a superpower, and it's time to show it off.  Stand tall, make eye contact, and assert your voice – you're the lead in this story. The world takes cues from your body language, and your energy is contagious. But more than that, who you are and what you have to say matters. Share it, don’t question it.

6. Own Your Highlight Reel Moments

Ever notice how a movie's most memorable scenes are replayed over and over? Apply the same concept to your life by celebrating your victories.Did you conquer a work project? Nail a presentation? Or even just successfully assemble that IKEA furniture? Pause and give yourself a mental round of applause. Too often we downplay our wins- every achievement deserves a standing ovation.

In a World of Possibilities, You're the Protagonist

So there you have it, a short guide to Main Character Energy. Remember, you're not just a supporting character; you're the lead. Every day is a new scene to shine, every challenge is an opportunity to grow, and every outfit is a chance to express your unique self.

The world is your playground. Ready, set, action! 



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