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Loud, Proud and OUTfits

Do you ever have a morning where you feel like everything you try on either doesn’t fit or doesn’t look good and you feel horrible with how you look and feel…. until you find that perfect outfit? You put it on. You look amazing. You feel euphoric. This is the reflection of my life for the past 40 years.

July is Pride Month. I am proud to say that my name is Keira and I am a trans woman. I am proud to say it may have taken me over 36 years to find myself but I found it and so much happiness too. Over these past few years I have gone from hating all the clothes I ever wore prior to transitioning to discovering the exhilaration of clothing that fits, that looks good, and that gives me confidence. I have discovered clothing that I WANT to wear, clothing that I NEED to have. I have found solace in clothing.

I look in the mirror at myself every morning and see the person, the woman, that should have always been there looking back at me. I see endless possibilities. I see someone who now LOVES shopping for clothes and wearing new outfits to show off this body of mine. I want to show off this body of mine as I have worked so hard and put in so much time and effort to reach this pinnacle.

The joys of continually finding myself and continually finding my style have been truly astonishing. I am able to wear clothes that suit my personality, my flair and my desires. I am able to wear clothes that I always dreamed about wearing since I was little and finding new things I never thought possible. I don’t have to settle for the relatively drab clothes of my past anymore. I can have colour, shape and so many more options.

What brings me true euphoria is having the chance to be my true and genuine self and have the ability to express myself in my clothing. Trans people are everywhere. We express ourselves in so many ways, but especially in our outfits. They can range from something very simple to extravagant and over the top. They are all amazing. Our joy comes from the expression of our authentic selves.

I share my identity with you today for several reasons. I am proud of who I am. I want to educate people about trans identities. I want to show everyone that trans people are just that – people.



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