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January (Taylor's Version)

Yes, I am referencing Taylor Swift, and yes, I think I am so clever. But alas, here we are, the third week into January and I am just wondering, how has this month been for you? It has been a bit of roller coaster of emotions for me, but that is often January. Navigating the highs of fresh starts with the lows of “more of the same”. Last year I made a promise to myself to embrace more of a slowdown and this helps, however, I have noticed that this slow down quickly led to lethargy, and not the restful kind. I mean, there are cozy blankets and warm drinks and good movies and buttery popcorn kind of rest and then there is the restless rest, the blahs, the ruts, and for some, the depression. It always hits me this time of year and yet it always catches me by surprise. Consistently, what I am needing in my January is more play. More fun. More ease.

Story time. As a small-town girl, living in a lonely world (I hope you are now singing some Journey), I lived the dirt road kind of life. While my driving record was not the best (read: hit a few ditches), I learned that hitting the gas in mud and snow only makes one sink deeper into the rut. Meaning, doing more of the same thing is not going to help. We just end up spinning our tires and going nowhere. So, how does one get out of the rut? This is where I am no longer talking about dirt roads, and now I am talking about ourselves. This is where I invite us to go back into ourselves and find our baseline. What is it that we want? Need? Who are the people we need to be surrounding ourselves with? Giving our time to? Our scroll time is valuable, are the messages we see lifting us up or dragging us under? At the end of the day, our time and our energy are valuable and are non-renewable resources. Treat them as such.

For the rest of January, I am really focusing in on this. I am finding ways to play and in doing so, I am going to be protective of my time and my energy. This will look like getting lost in a book or brunch with some friends. A date with by husband or an extra-long, hot bath with the door locked! Maybe it is renting that rom-com and putting my phone away while I pour extra butter on the popcorn. The rest of January (and ideally all of 2023) is going to be centered on ease and play and settling into myself (Lisa’s Version). You in for a year of ease (Your Version)?



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