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In a World of Triggers, be a Glimmer of Light

Hey friends—it has been a week and yes, it is only Wednesday. For all of us who have been following the fires, from Maui to N.W.T. to Kelowna, I just want to say do what you can to help where you can. This is devastating for many and I would be lying if I said it has not weighed heavily on my heart. Of course, that lends itself to (over)thinking about controlling what we can control and the lastest term I have stumbled across which is glimmer. The term “glimmer” was popularized by Deb Dana, LCSW. A glimmer is the exact opposite of a trigger—it is some kind of cue, either internal or external that brings one back to a sense of joy or safety. And while I know I am over simplifying a complex term, I know that I need to focus on seeking the glimmers in my own day to day life.

In my field of work, I spend a lot of time talking about psychological safety and how we can build better systems to build brave conversations and dynamic work places. I think often about ways that I contribute to my own workplace as well as the communities that I am a part of. And while I do not want to go down the rabbit hole of toxic positivity, I do still want to hold space for the need and desire to be and have beacons of positivity and understanding amidst the swirling storms of triggers, uncertainties, and challenges. This is a challenge for each of us to make a conscious attempt to be a glimmer of light that brings warmth to the coldest of moments. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, become the source of comfort, compassion, and hope. 

What does this look like? Imagine a world where reactions are met with reflection, where heated exchanges transform into conversations, and where empathy reigns supreme. That's the world you can help shape—one where your presence is a reminder that even in the midst of chaos, there's always room for kindness and consideration.

Never under estimate the impact you have to make a difference in any given moment.  Your response has the ability to be the bridge that connects conflicting perspectives, or the shield that protects vulnerable hearts from further harm.

Remember, being a glimmer of light doesn't mean ignoring the challenges or brushing aside the concerns of others. It means acknowledging the pain, understanding the root causes, and offering a compassionate hand to help navigate the darkness.

In a world where triggers often evoke reactive responses, your choice to be a glimmer is a powerful one. It's an act of resilience, wisdom, and emotional intelligence. It's a way to foster healing and growth, both in yourself and in those around you.

So, embrace your role as a glimmer, and let your presence be a force that guides, uplifts, and inspires. Through your actions, you can transform the narrative of triggers from one of conflict to one of connection. And in doing so, you'll leave behind a trail of hope and understanding that lights up even the darkest corners of our world.

Until next week, shine on Barbies.



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