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Hype Girl Style

If you are located in Saskatchewan like myself, you can understand that Summer has arrived early this year. Winter went forever, Spring showed up for a day and now we are in reaching temps into the late 20’s. This means that diet culture is in a panic as they can no longer come at us to get “beach ready” in the 8 weeks before summer because SUMMER ISHERE and so are our beach bodies. Yup, that’s right. That beautiful body you are living in right now, is ready for the beach exactly as it is. The only thing it is missing is sunscreen.

We want to challenge you this Summer to show up for yourself in the ways you wish you would have in the past. I want you to care less about the arms/thighs/butt and more about the memories. I want you to stop missing out on life because of the fear of one photo. And yes, I do understand how big of an ask this is.

 Before I dive into the rest of this newsletter I want to share an incredible podcast interview between two of my favourites that talk about the power of wearing a swimsuit. The conversation is between Victoria Brown and Alicia McCarvell: Stop Shaming Your Body and Start Living. It is SO good and I have linked it here.


Now, talking more about hype girl summer, it is time we show up for ourselves AND others and this is how we are going to do it:

1.        Less F*cks. More Sunscreen

WEAR THE SWIMSUIT. And beyond my own commitment to wearing the suit, I am here to hype up every single body wearing the suit, getting in the water and/or lounging on the beach this summer. It is time we put more effort into what we are packing for snacks than how we will cover up our beautiful bodies. Enough shrinking and hiding on the beach, it is time to show up in all areas of our lives. Challenge accepted?

2.        Ignorance is NOT Bliss

No more passively being a bystander in our own lives, it is time to speak up and speak out when we see things that are no okay. Do you know what else is not okay? Commenting on people’s bodies. Instead of focusing on what you look like, focus on how you can give back. Feeling bad in your body today? Hold the door for someone. Donate to a charity. Buy ice cream for a family standing in line behind you. I ensure you there are so many incredible ways we can improve our mood, talking sh*t is not one of them.

3.        Build Community Through Curiosity, Not Judgement.

Hype girl summer is all about leaning into the unknown and asking better questions rather than building assumptions. I have learned we know so little about people and can stand to learn a heck of a lot more about one another. We need each other and we need torally to support. Let’s connect over interests and growth, not smack talk and gossip. Deal?

Hype girl summer is a true one size fits all and it looks SO good. But do you know what, it feels even better. You in?



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