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Feeling Seen

As I write this I know there will be two camps of people, “OMG YES LISA DR.JODY WAS/IS INCREDIBLE” and “OMG LISA, WE GET IT, YOU LOVED THE SHOW”. Regardless of what camp you are in, the message is the same and it needs to be heard, seen, and LISTENED to. Friends, we are in a mental health crisis and now more than ever, we need to come together, for each other. I think we are often overwhelmed by what we can do and the gravity of the impact when in fact, no act of kindness is too small. At the core of belonging is feeling seen. I need us to all sit in this for a hot minute and I want you to know, to truly know, you belong here. We see you. And above all else, you are already ‘somebody’ to us.

Life these days has tricked us into believing our worth is measured by likes, comments, views and shares. Can you believe it? We have tried to automate humanity on a social media platform. I want you to know that when the dust settles (or when IG is glitching for 24hrs), you are more than your DMS and views, instead, you are the texts of those who have your number and check in on you, you are the tears cried on your couch in your messy home with someone you trust, you are the scared (and sacred) phone call in the night because what in the actual f*ck are you supposed to do with this newborn baby. You are what you give back, to yourself, to others, and your community, in a meaningful way. When you see someone, like actually look at them in the eyes, you are showing them that they matter too. When you reach over to hold the hand of someone who is hurting, you are showing them that that you hear them, even without the use of words. Connecting with each other is not best expressed by circling back in an email and warmly signing off, connection is getting dirty in the messiness that is life. Because just like life, you too are messy, and magic, and can feel like a dumpster fire. But here you are, doing the thing. And on the days when you aren’t doing the thing, I need you to know we are here, in your corner, seeing you.


So I will leave you with the simplest challenge from our good friend Dr. Jody Carrington; in all the things you do, make sure you do the first, best, kind, right thing. If we do this and we don’t tolerate bullsh*t, we are going to be alright.


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