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Dare to Care

I saw a post the other day that shared an observation that I agree with, wholeheartedly. The more a person likes themselves, the more they can like others. Like anything that makes me pause, I know that there is some reflection to be done. I don’t know about you, but this statement rings so true for myself. When I reflect on times that I have sat in judgement of others it was because I was lacking something in myself; maybe it was envy over what they had or maybe it was my own insecurities speaking loudly. Either way, it is extremely difficult to love, like, or tolerate others when you do not have any tolerance, likeness or love for yourself. Like so many things, the hard work always begins at home. This month, you are home. Friends, what I know for sure is I want to be the same hype girl for myself as I am for those I love. I want to show up for myself the ways I will show up for others. I want my own voice to be louder than the one living rent free in my head (ps. I have named her Alice, don’t judge).

For the month of February, Belong is centering its theme on Dare to Care. This will mean many different things but for me, my challenge is going to be Dare to Care about what matters to me. In a world where we are constantly hit with the noise of social media, the Comparison Thief stealing our joy, and the Not Enoughness Gremlin looking at me in the mirror, I am going to go inward. I am going to make time to pause. And as my good friend Oprah told me, I am going to make space so I can hear (and listen to) the whispers. I am going to tune into my body and pay attention to what she needs (likely less coffee and more water, but that’s for March), and I am going to treasure my time for the non-renewable resource that it is. This month, I am going to be warmed by the flames of the people who set my soul on fire. I am going to have conversations that no longer tame my wild and precious life. I am going to focus on what matters to me and I will likely wear some leopard in solidarity with the GD cheetahs that we are (thanks Glennon Doyle).

So, in true elementary school Valentine’s fashion, will you join us in daring to care about what matters to you?



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