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Dare to Bare (Truth or Dare)

The Belong Dare to Bare challenge had me thinking about my youth and the game of truth or dare. Yes, I thought, I will think of a hilarious moment when I was young and fearless and did a crazy dare. It will give everyone a laugh and then I will pivot into facing our fears and Daring to Bare. 

I thought of nothing. I have for weeks been trying to jog my memory. I still have thought of nothing. Have I ever done a dare? I can remember sleepovers with my peers and playing Truth or Dare. I can remember my peers doing dares, I remember something about someone drinking condiments… maybe?! But I never did that. 

But this cannot be true, because I’m adventurous and loads of fun. For example I will literally eat anything once. This year I ate dried a grasshopper and a dried ant. No, curious reader, I will not be eating them again and I do not recommend this snack - but clearly I am adventurous. I also I have little shame, men’s bathroom? I’ll go pee in there - because there is no line! But I still cannot think of a single instance where I accepted a dare. 

I do not like to gamble, maybe that is it, I am also risk averse. I do not pick dare because I do not know what you could possibly pick and next thing I know, I am on top of a roof somewhere trying to lick my elbow while soy sauce drips down my forearm directly into my mouth. This is why I don’t do dares. 

That is what is so great about this Dare to Bare. You get to pick what the dare is. For each of us we have that thing. My last few years I have dared to bare and f*ck the patriarchy by just wearing what I want. For about 3 years I didn’t wear a bra, ever. Because what is the big deal with nipples? EVERYONE HAS THEM! Literally! (YES I AM YELLING. This is stupid.)

I dared to go against the patriarchal rules of “mom attire.” For the first 4 years of motherhood I exclusively wore lululemons and T-shirts. That is not bad if you are wearing that right now, the problem is I didn’t want to wear that. I felt I could only wear that because I’m a mom, and this is the mom uniform. And even though I wanted to wear dresses you cannot run after children in a dress. 

This is a lie. Your attire is not a requirement for parenthood. You can most definitely run after children in a dress, or completely naked. The choice is yours.

Everyone is going to have different ponderings as you think about this Dare to Bare challenge, and that is great! The best thing about this challenge is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Ditch the bra, rock the short shorts, chase children in that dress! Whatever pondering you have, but need that nudge to actually do it. Here is your chance. And tag @belonglifestyle when you do on Instagram. 

I Dare you. 

Xox Joy


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