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Dare to Bare Summer Challenge: Maximalism

I recently stumbled upon what is new my new favourite Instagram account (@maryoliversdrunkcousin). I am a HUGE Mary Oliver fan and Lindsay Rush has created an account of poetry that we all need to read, and reread. I wanted to share the poem that led me to her page (here) and then I want us all to spend some tome pondering, what does Maximalism mean to me?

I cannot help but think of all the different ways I have been rushed through my own daydreams, told to be more realistic. The ways I have silenced by own urge to play big in my small space in this world. Mary Oliver is who asked “tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I am here to challenge each of you to make your own Wild and Precious Summer Living List. And, for the love of all things life, think big. Please do not be the person/thing that holds yourself back, mmmmk? As we discussed last week, it is time to let those rebel voices out to play. When I think about my own rebel voice, this is what my own rebel voice had to say:

Why shouldn’t I run through the sprinklers with my work clothes on? / Play in the dirt and leave the kitchen in a mess / Sprinkle kindness like the dust I’ve ignored in my house / Or drop F bombs in excitement as much as I do anger / Why shouldn’t I hype up strangers on the internet? / Or slide into the DMs simply to say “you’re doing an incredible job” / And while I am at it, say it to the beauty in the mirror / And wear the crop top, on my period. That’s right, bloat and all / And go for the option that shows more skin / Send the spicy texts in the middle of the day/ Laugh, unapologetically at my own jokes / And pee a little because the laughter won’t stop / Seek the moments that feel like more rather than just enough / Stay out past my bedtime because I was lost in conversation with my favourite girls / Leave town for the weekend leaving the kids behind / And go for the triple scoop of ice cream / And fill up on dessert before supper is served / Snuggle with the kids so long that I am running late for work / While drinking my “too much” cup of coffee for the morning/ Apologize less and let the truth bombs fly / And nap, oh the naps that I will have/ And how I will spend more days wanting to wake up and do it all over again/ Is this how we maximize our one wild and precious life? If so, add to cart

And you? What are you adding to your cart this summer? Learning to golf? Wearing the shorts? Cropping that T Shirt? Going swimming with the family? Make your list and add it the cart!

In case you missed it on socials, Belong is running a massive CONTEST over the Summer! Everytime you tag #daretobaresummerchallenge along with your own dare to bare journey, you will be entered to win $500 Belong Bucks

What will you be doing for your challenge?



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