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Countering Decision Fatigue

Friends, I am not going to lie, this newsletter nearly did not happen as I was hyper fixated on refreshing my email all day hoping for a magical code to go to Swiftland next year. Spoiler Alert: I did not receive a code, along with most people. We are in our rejection era and on the scale of first world problems, this is a biggy. Alas, I digress. As I have learned, we are not all Taylor Swift Fans and so I will not bore the none fans with my grief!

Before I dive into this week’s topic, I wanted to highlight the new Belong x Dani drop that happened yesterday. Did you peep those pieces? I love them and I love how they are timeless and were picked with a capsule wardrobe in mind. For many reasons I have entered a season of decision fatigue and find myself longing for less choices, wherever possible. Part of me wonders if my brain is just taking a sabbatical of its own as it prepares for all the September brings. A few weeks of forced shut down.

And really, if we are talking decision fatigue, have you taken a true inventory of all of the decisions you make on a daily basis? It begins the moment you wake up and does not stop until you go to bed. The decisions may also wake you up in in the night in the form of the most random questions of tasks you need to get done. Regardless, we are under so much pressure and are being peppered on minute with a question. The best counter I have found to this is frontloading the week as much as possible. I have talked about this before, and if I am being fully transparent, I have completely fallen off the bandwagon of following through. When I fill my Sundays with weekly prep, my weeks go that much better. With that said, I know I need to add more fun and playfulness into this.

Here are some tips for front loading your week. Please remember that this list is not shared with the intent for you to do all the things. Choose one or a few things and build from there. Overwhelm does not need exhaustion.

Frontloading the week:

  • Music Monday: Start your week with a playlist of your favourite songs. This can make your drive to work something you look forward to. I have noticed a huge difference in my mood by listening to some great songs on my walk to work. I also fully endorse carving out space for silence, but real silence, not the sounds of traffic. If it is safe to do so, I love wearing my noise cancelling air pods and just grounding myself in my day. 

  • Less Boring Breakfasts: Kick off your week by trying out something that you actually like rather than your children’s table scraps. I need to do a better job of this and my challenge is beyond batch preparing, I need to also portion it so it is just grab and eat. The easier the better and ideally, tasty!

  • Theme Dressing: Choose a theme for your outfits during the week.- it is a great way to make your wardrobe fun again. It will also help you really look at what you like in your closet and what you wear. Whether it's "Bold Monday" or "Casual Friday," themed dressing can add a playful element to your routine. This helps us pull the pieces into rotation that we been neglecting. When I dress in a rush, I always resort to comfort. 

  • Mindful Morning: This is going to look different for everyone. For some it is a meditation, for others it is getting up an hour before your family and for most of us, this just isn’t happening. Might I suggest just adding 3 deep breaths before jumping out of bed to get the day going? Find ways to add in a pause, regardless of how brief.

  • Virtual Coffee Date: Schedule a virtual coffee or tea break with a friend or colleague to catch up and share your plans for the week. Think of this like your accountability partner and share with each other what you plan to do. It is incredible the power that speaking intentions  out loud can have but beyond that, this can also boost creativity in how you do things.

  • Boost your Workspace: Rearrange your workspace with colorful decorations or accessories. A visually appealing environment can make work more enjoyable. But beyond that, add some “you” to your space. Make it a spot you enjoy spending time and if possible, prioritize cleaning up your space. It is really hard to work when you are met with chaos. 

  • Outdoor Adventure: Start your week with an early morning walk, jog, or bike ride. Getting some fresh air and nature time can invigorate your spirits. Fall is coming and I cannot emphasize getting this in now before winter arrives. I promise you will not regret it. 

  • Plan a Midweek Treat: Anticipate something enjoyable in the middle of the week. We put so much off for the weekend to only have no follow through. Pick a movie you will watch on a Wednesday. Or really enjoy that bubble bath on a Thursday. Put intent into doing things that feel good throughout the week, and not just put it off for another day. 

  • Share Your Highlights: Dedicate a few minutes each morning to sharing your weekly goals and highlights with a supportive friend or group. It adds an element of accountability and camaraderie. 



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