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As someone who celebrates Christmas, we are merely days away. So, amidst the twinkling lights and jingling bells, let's take a moment to clothe ourselves not just in tinsel and garlands but, more importantly, in self compassion.

Vent Your Joys: A Gratitude-Fueled Affair

In a world often saturated with vents about daily frustrations, let's flip the script and engage in a collective "Vent Your Joys" session. Share moments of gratitude, big or small, that have added some sparkle your days. Whether it's a sunrise, a heartfelt conversation, or the simple pleasure of a warm cup of coffee, let's acknowledge the beauty that surrounds us. While we know we are quick to complain, we are equally as quick to silence or downplay our joys. This season, go joy hunting. Find the moments, find the wins, and for the love of all things, take the credit you deserve. This is a great season to start practicing the art of thank you, and…

Resting Into Enoughness: Unwrapping the True Gifts

Amidst the frenzy of holiday preparations, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of expectations. I am inviting you to pause and reflect on "Resting Into Enoughness." Embrace the concept that you are enough, your efforts are enough, and the love you give is enough. It's a reminder that the magic of the season doesn't lie in the perfect decorations or the grandeur of gifts but in the authenticity of our connections. Will your children meltdown and likely behave in the most ungrateful ways? Yes, or at least mine will and already have. Do you know what? This isn’t reflection on you. You have done more than enough and likely, too much! A tighter budget is not something to shame yourself over, instead, pride yourself on taking care of your family in other ways (like being able to buy groceries in the new year).

The Balancing Act: Nurturing Ourselves, Nurturing Our Families

Undoubtedly, the holidays bring both joy and challenges. As we strive to create magical moments for our families, let's also be mindful of the toll it can take on our mental health and wallets. It's a delicate balancing act, and in acknowledging this, we can better navigate the demands placed upon us. Our families need us, but we also need to prioritize our well-being. As way to nurture ourselves, I am encouraging all of us to find ways to delegate, ask for help, offload responsibilities, and clearly communicate your needs. Tensions are high around the holidays, the more we can externalize, the better.

Naming the Hard: Grieving Amidst the Glitter

As we bask in the glow of holiday lights, let's also make space to acknowledge the hard that often surfaces during this season. Grief, challenges, and the weight of expectations can cast shadows. By naming and acknowledging these emotions, we honour our own experiences and connect with the shared humanity that underscores the festive cheer. It is perfectly normal to struggle and to feel extra triggered this time of year. In the words of Dr. Dan Siegel, “name it to tame it”. When you are feeling off, do not default to blaming yourself for nothing being able to “get it together”. Instead, honour the feeling and allow it to co-exist. After all, what we resist, persists.

A Call to Compassionate Action

In the spirit of self-compassion, here's a small yet impactful call to action for you. Consider implementing moments of self-care amidst the holiday chaos. It could be a few minutes of mindful breathing, a silent stroll, alone, or simply acknowledging and validating your own feelings. By extending kindness to yourself, you're better equipped to spread warmth to those around you.

In conclusion, let's navigate this holiday season with hearts aglow in compassion. Embrace the joy, acknowledge the challenges, and extend grace—to others and, crucially, to ourselves. May your festivities be filled with genuine connection, moments of restful reflection, and the warmth of self-compassion.

Wishing you a season wrapped in love and authenticity,



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