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It’s Valentine’s Day and this is your reminder:  You are worthy of love and belonging simply by being you. Embrace your uniqueness and refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve. For the record, this extends beyond romantic relationships. I am talking about friendships, jobs and careers, and any space we pour our time and our selves into. Knowing your worth (and doubling it!) is the secret to less resentment and more joy. The headings below are a few things I am leaning into, hard, this season. I am sharing in case you are needing some next steps for what you can do to reengage with your own life.

Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

It's time to ditch the shallow connections and cultivate authentic relationships that uplift and inspire you. Surround yourself with people who celebrate your authenticity and support your growth. Don't waste your time on those who don't value your worth. We are in a major shift in our online worlds. For years (read: pandemic) we were limited on where we could go and who we could connect with. We saw into each other’s lives and gripped onto other’s day to day to find normalcy and distractions. Finally, we are coming out of the fog and reengaging with ourselves rather than our screens. Lean into this change and reevaluate who and how you gift your time.

Creating Inclusive Spaces

Enough with the exclusivity and division. It's time to create spaces where everyone feels welcome. Extend a genuine invitation to those who feel isolated or marginalized. Challenge exclusionary behaviours and strive to create a community where everyone belongs. Whenever and wherever possible, make space for joiners. Be an includer OR feel free to also keep your time spent with those who mean the most to you, sacred.

Rejecting Performative Engagement

No more pretending for the sake of appearances. It's time to call out the performative BS that plagues social media. Instead of seeking validation through likes and followers, prioritize authenticity and genuine connection. Challenge yourself to be real, even if it means making a few waves. As Dr. Jody Carrington reiterate, we are not for everyone and everyone is not for us.

Engage Meaningfully

Stop mindlessly consuming content and start taking meaningful action. Attend events that align with your values, volunteer for causes you believe in, and engage in conversations that matter. Life is too short to not spend it in ways that feel good and light you up. Service (volunteering) is one of the greatest mood boosters and a way to connect with community when you are feeling isolated.

Be Your Own Valentine: Choosing Yourself

And because this is landing in your inbox on Valentine’s Day, I want this article with some key and real self love messaging.  First, don't wait for someone else to show you love. Be your own valentine and treat yourself to some well-deserved self-love. Here are some ways to choose yourself:

  1. Buy Yourself Flowers: Who says you need someone else to buy you flowers? Treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet and brighten up your space. It’s not lame, it is beautiful.

  2. Solo Lunch Date: Take yourself out for a solo lunch at your favorite cafe or restaurant. Enjoy some quality time alone and savour every bite. Sit alone in your thoughts and your body, pay attention to what comes up for you.

  3. Uninterrupted Bath Time: Lock the door, put in some earplugs, and indulge in a luxurious bath without any interruptions. Light some candles, grab a book, and find the quiet.

  4. Disconnect from Technology: Put down your phone, silence notifications, and disconnect from the digital world for a while. Use this time to focus on yourself and be present in the moment.

  5. Write Yourself a Love Letter: Take some time to write yourself a love letter. Remind yourself of your worth, your strengths, and everything you love about yourself. It's a powerful exercise in self-compassion and self-acceptance. Do not hold back— your inner voice knows how to hype you up when you let her.

You, My Friend, Are a Force to Be Reckoned With

Remember this, you are strong, you are capable, and you are enough. Embrace your power, stand tall in your worth, and refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve. Together, let's shake things up and create a world where authenticity wins. The world is better with you in it.

With love,


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