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A Journey to Everyday Joy

Hello You Beautiful Souls,

You know that TikTok trend that has us all hooked (the one Alex shared last week on socials) - dopamine dressing? Well, buckle up, because we're about to turn that trend into a gateway for finding joy in our everyday lives. This isn't just about outfits; it's about leaning into a mindset that lets you savour the sweetness of life. So, grab your favourite cozy blanket, a cup of your go-to beverage, and let's dive into a world where you have permission to do, be, and say the things that light your soul on fire.

Dopamine Dressing Decoded

Let's start with the basics. Dopamine dressing isn't just about the clothes you wear; it's about choosing outfits that make you feel incredible. Now, take a moment to think about what makes you feel unstoppable. Is it a bold red lipstick, a cozy oversized sweater, or those badass boots that make you want to conquer the world? Whatever it is, that's your dopamine dressing. What is something that turns your meh into yeah! ?

The Power of Feeling Good in Your Skin

Personal Insight: My Dopamine Dressing Journey

This will come as no surprise but my go to dopamine dressing is all about the blazer. I love the oversized blazer, distressed jeans (hello button fly KUT), a favourite shirt (this can be Taylor Swift or a shear top), and a favourite pair of Nike Air Force Ones. adding a blazer. When I wear this combo, I feel like the most myself and therefore, like I can take on anything. My other favourite? My vegan leather moto jacket with an all black ensemble. It's not about what the world sees; it's about how it makes me feel. So, what's your go-to ensemble that makes you feel like the superhero version of yourself?

Beyond the Wardrobe - Unleashing Your Inner Joy Seeker

Dopamine Beyond Fashion: The Everyday Edition

Now, let's take this concept beyond fashion. What if we applied the principles of dopamine dressing to our daily lives? What if we allowed ourselves to indulge in activities that light up our souls? It's not just about the external- what people see; it's about creating an environment that nourishes your happiness. I need you to really go deep on this one, what is the movement you would prefer to do? I just had the best smile thinking of the time I joined Deena at We Move Zumba. Your go to order at your favourite restaurant? Stop apologizing for always getting the same thing. You like what you like, savour it (Market Salad with Fried Chicken at Odla). And what do you want to listen to? Did I turn up MmmBop last week when it came on? Yes. Did my 6 year old ask me to turn it off. Yes. Did I? Absolutely not. So much dopamine is found in the everyday when we are paying attention.

Permission to Do the Things

Reflection Moment: What Holds You Back?

Let's get real for a moment. What holds you back from doing the things that bring you joy? Is it the fear of judgment, societal expectations, or that sneaky voice in your head whispering, "You can't"? It's time to acknowledge these barriers and give yourself the permission to break free. Your joy is non-negotiable. The reality is that no one else is watching you or paying attention to you. You are the only one overthinking your thoughts.

Be the Person

Authenticity Challenge: Embrace Your Quirks

You have permission to be authentically you. And really, I am begging you to be authentically you. The world is better because of it. Embrace those quirks that make you stand out and let your weird light shine bright. Whether it's a goofy dance, a unique laugh (if you’re me it is a snort), or a passion that others may not fully understand—let it shine. The world needs more of your authentic self.

Say the Things

Courageous Conversations: Finding Your Voice

Speaking your truth is a powerful form of dopamine dressing. It's about expressing your feelings, setting boundaries, and saying the things that need to be said. What conversations have you been avoiding? It's time to step into your power and speak from your heart. Bonus points if you’re wearing you’re favourite ‘fit.

The Curious Case of What Stops Us

Journal Prompt: Exploring Your Roadblocks

Curiosity is a potent tool for transformation. Let's explore what stops us from fully embracing joy. Take out your journal or open the notes app on your phone and jot down the roadblocks. Are they rooted in self-doubt, other people’s opinions, or past experiences (hint: some jerk kid’s comment in middle school)? Acknowledge them, and let's work on dismantling these barriers together.

Daily Dopamine Doses - Implementing Joy in Every Day

Action Steps: Infuse Joy into Your Routine

Now that we've laid the groundwork, it's time for action. Here are some practical steps to infuse joy into your everyday life:

1. Morning Ritual: Start your day with a small joy-inducing ritual. It could be enjoying that cup of coffee BEFORE you check your phone.

2. Gratitude Pause: Incorporate a daily gratitude practice. Reflect on three things you're grateful for, no matter how small. Do it. RIGHT NOW. I am listening.

3. Mini Dance Breaks: Schedule mini dance breaks throughout the day. Whether it's to your favourite song or just a spontaneous shimmy, let loose and feel the joy. There has been a lot of CCR being sang in our house (my husband plays a show at the Bassment next weekend) so the fun I have had dancing with the 2 year old and getting eye rolls from the 6 year old is endless.

4. Kindness Countdown: Challenge yourself to perform small acts of kindness daily. It could be a compliment, a supportive message, or a gesture of kindness to a stranger. On the most basic level, it could be making eye contact with every person you interact with.

5. Tech Detox Hour: Designate an hour each day to unplug from technology. Use this time to engage in activities that bring you joy and presence. I continue to do so from 5-7pm and it continues to be a game changer.

You Deserve Your Joy

Fact: You deserve joy. The world can be chaotic (scary, hard, cruel), but within it, you have the power to create pockets (and hopefully moments) of happiness. So, embrace your dopamine dressing not just in your wardrobe but in every facet of your life.

Speak like no one is judging, dream like no one is limiting, and dress like your inner Deena inspires you to do.



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