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We heard you loud and


The community has been the heart of the Belong story from the beginning and we are doing everything possible to continue a safe space for all.  We don't plan on leaving you behind.

Rather, we are creating a new community with the same values and goals as Belong but behind a brand new brand, with some familiar faces.  

Our first launch is our blog, the Notebooks, where you will find a one stop spot for the brilliant words of Lisa, fashion posts by Deena and Lana and much, much more. 

Welcome to our new hangout. 

to the Notebooks

Join us on our blog as we explore the fascinating intersections of ideas and delve into the endless wonders of the human experience. Whether you're seeking practical advice, intellectual stimulation, or simply a moment of reflection, "The Notebooks" has something for everyone.

Our Contributors

We are creators and visual storytellers at heart and long to share our diverse and delightful views with you.

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